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Evidently I can’t be on tumblr, I waste so much time here. The only thing I can be trusted with is yumblr, my own site where nobody knows me and there are no pretty pictures. Yumblr is just a blank Word document with the word yumblr typed in the top left hand corner.

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Uh, so I switched over to SMC, but the south park subtitles stayed….

In case anyone was wondering, it did, in fact, continue.

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what did vincent say when he lost his car in the parking lot 

“where did my van gogh”

the correct pronunciation of “gogh” is “goff”, you uncultured swine

fuck gogh

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2 skeletons trick or treating in their skin costumes 

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IT’s just common sense that Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island is the best Scooby Doo movie ever made.With the best soundtrack.

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30 4 day otp challenge - 2 cuddling somewhere

this one was really lazy sorry

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it really bugs me when people are like “wow this is NOT a kid’s show!” as if kids have no capacity to process upsetting or deep or meaningful content, and as if all content for children should be as vapid and safe as possible

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31 Monsters with Collectemall

Day 16: GOJIRA!