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It is an inflatable swan for costumes and parties.
((Parties that I do not wish to attend….))

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So I’m in the Seattle Daiso, and….

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What’s this, then? …What’s this?

HARBINGER DOWN is about a group of students investigating the consequences of global warming in the Bering Sea. They book passage on the fishing trawler Harbinger and subsequently stumble on the remains of an old Soviet space experiment.  They figure out that the Russians designed the experiment to analyze the effects of space radiation on tiny resilient animals. The spacecraft is abandoned but the creatures have survived and mutated.

How did I not know this was a thing?!

From the wiki page:

In 2010, Amalgamated Dynamics was hired by Universal Studios to create the practical special effects for the 2011 The Thing prequel. However before the film was released, the majority of ADI’s effects work on the film was digitally replaced in post production by computer generated imagery. This decision was upsetting to the crew of Amalgamated Dynamics, as this was not the first film of theirs where they had found their work replaced.

[…] On May 8, 2013, Alec Gillis began a Kickstarter drive for Harbinger Down, advertising the film as being a monster horror film that was, “in the spirit of two of the greatest sci-fi/horror films of all time, ALIEN and THE THING”, and that would feature only practical techniques to create the films monsters, including the use of animatronics, prosthetic makeup, stop motion and miniature effects, with the films creatures featuring no digital animation outside of rod/rig removal and digital compositing.

And then there’s the trailer.

You’d think I’d have heard about this, given the fact that I’ve regularly gone to studioADI’s to check out their wicked Thing FX playlist - featuring all the practical effects that got re-doctored with CGI - but nope.

(Check out their channel, btw, there’s a ton of really awesome concept work posted for three of the Alien movies, and a whole lot more).

So, anyway, [intense fangirl squealing goes here], I am so psyched, I will hold a theater owner hostage until they agree to show this film, etcetera and so on oh my god this is the best thing I’ve heard in years.



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Silky anteater (Cyclopes didactylus)

This is actually also why the more popular “Giant Anteater” has “Giant” in its name. This is the “regular” anteater.

I bet some of you did not even know there was a regular anteater.

Much less that it was obviously designed retroactively by the angel of Jim Henson.

designed retroactively by the angel of Jim Henson.

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Today’s Gender of the day is: Nappa’s Forehead


Today’s Gender of the day is: Nappa’s Forehead


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Don’t mind me, just continuing to my life’s mission to draw sad turtles.

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Oh look, babies are back

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Anonymous said to dashing-and-demure:
To the Captains Raphael & Donatello: Dear Sirs, If I may I’d to ask your opinion of something. As a child I had wanted to follow a career in the military like my father and grandfather at my coming of age but as destiny would have it I did not join and sometimes I regret it but not for ‘patriotic’ reasons. So the question is; Do you think it is worth it to still join even if you dont believe in all of the military’s causes? Thank you.

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