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30 day otp


21. Shower sex


Leo had pushed them extra hard during their morning practice. It was Mikey’s fault. He started goofing off and when horseplay is added to weapons training accidents happen. The resulting welt on Donny’s arm was nothing compared to the black eye Mikey had, thanks to Raph.

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- for my dear anon -

big сroc is big.

i decided to keep the “first wish” style.


details in link

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The lineart was pretty creepy on its own but with colors, 90’s!Donnie looks better. I used that opportunity to work on the digital watercolors but I abused the noise in the end =/

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30 day OTP      


20. Your own kink (Morse code/touch)


During the time that Leo and Mikey were gone was like a honeymoon for Raph and Don as well. But, when they returned, things went back to normal. Training resumed and Mikey went back to making trouble, mostly for Raph and Don.

The youngest got into…

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yo if u dont like musical theatre thats cool but if u actually insult musical theatre in my presence dude i wont even argue with you i’ll just kill and eat you

these are probably the best pies in london

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oh snap can people please tag their nsfw please D: 

Sorry! D:
((Most of the time I just completely forget that tags exist…))

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